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Dope Beats #1 – Books of War

In which we look at some of the best beats out there…

“Books of War”

Produced By Omegah Red aka POISON FLOWERZ

From Doom is for the Children mixtape

What makes it work?

“Books of War” has a driving drum kick that never threatens to overtake theĀ  song and it swaggers with the chilled vibe of a Russian gangster. (Russian gangsters are chill….right…? Ok look, that was a bad example, but the imagery still stands.) While “Books of War” shouts its influences loudly, it doesn’t become a cheap imitation of them and it could easily pass as a beat from one of the greats like Dilla or Madlib.

Captain Murphy…Flying Lotus?

Captain Murphy debuted a few weeks ago on Adult Swim’s music label, but little else is known about the gravelly voiced rapper. While a lot of people suspect that it might be beatmaker Flying Lotus on the mic based on his relationship with Adult Swim and his established affinity for naming himself after Adult Swim characters, the few tracks out now are all kinds of awesome. Hopefully we’ll hear more from this soon.