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Cooking Mama (Breaking Bad Remix)

So you know the game Cooking Mama, right? No? Well, whatever. You’re on a computer. Google it.¬† (Ok, ok. Things got a little testy there. I’m sorry. Here you go.)

Anyway, someone had the awesome idea to make a Breaking Bad remix version where you cook meth instead of wonderfully detailed dishes like Minced Pork Steak or Shrimp Gyoza. It may or may not give you too many hints on how to actually cook meth, but hey – it’s still a fun distraction that you can play here.

And as far as Breaking Bad goes, how about that new season? Wait, what? You still haven’t caught up on all the episodes? Uggh! Fine.

Photos of Spiderman

Alot of people give Spiderman credit for his hero work, but he’s highly underrated in the field of journalism. In this game, though, you finally get to further his career at the Daily Bugle, and live out the much more fulfilling side of his life (I say this without bias, of course – ahem). A Where’s Waldo type game, you’re tasked with finding¬† Spiderman whose hidden in a crowd of Spiderman aficionados and snapping a picture. It’s a fun game with a light sense of humor that does right by its source.

You can play it here.

The Great Gatsby Videogame

Yep, someone made a Great Gatsby NES game and it’s awesome. So yeah, maybe it doesn’t have Leonardo Dicaprio and cheap 3D effects or the subtle racism of the literary classic, but I mean it has retro graphics and sounds. That’s pretty cool, right? I imagine an ideal future where kids can play the video game of a classic book instead of reading the cliff notes or watching the movie. I mean, more people finding less reasons to read will probably make a dumber world for our future generations, but still.

Anyway, you can play/download this for free off the game’s website here.

Now if someone just made a “Lord of the Flies” game, I could finally seek vengeance against those who wronged Piggy…