Things About Music on Netflix

If you’re like me, you can only watch old episodes of Breaking Bad so many times before you start to reconsider keeping that Netflix account open. While Netflix has its own set of problems with its lack of well known things to stream, there are still a lot of great lesser known titles on there to check out. Specifically, music related. While there’s the usual stuff like this Pink Floyd doc or this Queen one, the following is a list of lesser known titles you can (currently) stream, are W.A.H.L. APPROVED (not sure if this stamp of approval really means anything to anyone), and that don’t suck (this last part is probably the most important).

I Need That Record! (2008)

Description: “Imperiled by the rise of downloadable music and the chaotic state of the record industry, the American independent record store is fast becoming a dying breed, as chronicled in Brendan Toller’s shout-out to these beloved spaces. The documentary captures visits to indie record stores across the country, and includes interviews with Dischord Records founder Ian Mackaye, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, philosopher Noam Chomsky and many others.”

PressPausePlay (2011)

Description: “Exploring the connection between fear, hope and digital culture, filmmakers David Dworsky and Victor K√∂hler profile the leaders of a digital revolution that’s allowed anyone with a creative spark to become an artist.”

The Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks (2005)

Description: “Alt-rock favorite The Flaming Lips invite filmmaker Bradley Beesley, who directed many of their music videos, to join them on a journey through the past as they take a look back at their countless escapades. See what the band is like onstage and on the road; listen to the members reminisce over the highs and lows of their 20-year career; meet the people who surround them via interviews and video footage; and more.”

A Technicolor Dream (2008)

Description: “Pink Floyd. Notting Hill. The UFO Club. The International Times. The people, places and happenings that defined the 1960s U.K. underground movement are revisited in this colorful trip back to yesteryear.”

Yanni Live: The Concert Event (2005)

I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam (2009)

Description: “This raucous documentary profiles the nascent Muslim punk-rock movement, a musical subculture largely inspired by author Michael Muhammad Knight’s fictionalized account of an Islamic hard-core band. Director Omar Majeed hits the road with various groups for a problem-plagued tour across the U.S. and to Lahore, Pakistan, where the musicians continue their mission to thrash and shock, and both skewer and celebrate their deeply felt religion.”

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (2010)

Description: “Good-time specialists Fishbone get the spotlight in this lively documentary about the all-black punk-funk band that sprang out of South Central Los Angeles in 1979, signing a record deal before their principals were out of high school.”

Moog (2004)

Description: “Filmmaker Hans Fjellestad tells the story of Robert Moog, a pioneer in the realm of electronic music who invented the Moog synthesizer in 1964. Initially viewed as a threat to “real” music, the Moog opened up a world of creative possibilities.”