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Diggin’ in the Carts

Red Bull put together this great series last year about Japanese video game music in retro games. It features a lot of unseen heroes who created some of the most memorable melodies in games like Final Fantasy, Pacman, or Street Fighter with very little to work with. It’s a fascinating watch and it features interviews with Flying Lotus and Anamanaguchi.

You can get every episode here.

Paul McCartney’s music video for the Destiny soundtrack is a bizarre, awkward mess

Activision gave living legend Paul McCartney, who has no interest in video games, a shitload of money to record a new song, “Hope for the Future,” for the Destiny soundtrack just because they could. It’s an awkward track that doesn’t fit the tone of the game, and the video reinforces that.

In it, Paul visits different parts of the Destiny world as a hologram and a messenger of hope. It’s weird.

Watch below.

Russian Subway Dogs

While Russia might be more known for its pussy riots, its common knowledge to the residents that there are dog riots too! ………

In Russian Subway Dogs, you must terrorize kindly subway travelers into dropping their food. The more food you eat, the more stamina you gain and the longer you last. The problem? You have to fight off hoards of rival dogs and avoid other travelers who drop explosive vodka bottles instead of food to do it. It’s a fun survival game that should hopefully enlighten the world to the noble plight of the subway dog.

You can download the game for free here.

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon, designed by Terry Cavanagh (who also made the excellent VVVVVV), is a mind bending, seizure inducing assault of color, sound, and action that features music by 8-Bit musicians, Chipzel. Learning to maneuver through the maze is frustrating at first, but it doesn’t take long to get addicted.

You can get a download link to it from the game’s site here.

In some acid fueled dystopia run by rave obsessed oppressors, school children will be taught the names of polygons with this game.

Super Crate Box

Advertised as a game “to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list” – Super Crate Box is incredibly easy to pick up, but crushingly difficult to master. In it, you face an infinite horde of enemies, but your only objective is to gather as many crates as you can. The catch? Each crate spawns you with a different random weapon, forcing you to drastically change your play style with each crate pickup. Super Crate Box is incredibly addicting, and you can download it for free from the game’s site or you can pay for the iOS mobile version from the itunes App store to play on your phone, instead.

Techno Kitten Adventure

If there’s one thing that internet culture has given us more than anything else, it’s trippy cat things. Techno Kitten Adventure takes a simple helicopter game and pumps it up with flashing colors, ecstasy inducing beats, trippy imagery, and flying cats. Made by the people at 21st Street Games, this seizure inducing game is a perfect emulation of what it’s like to live inside the internet (…probably). Whether that emulation will drive you to madness or insight is up to you. Regardless, its a novelty worth investing in and it’s a lot of fun to see a game embrace it’s psychedelic side as passionately as this one does.

Techno Kitten Adventure is a freemium game that you can get through Android, iOS, XBox Live Indie Games, or Facebook. You can get a link for all of these platforms through the game’s website here.

Cooking Mama (Breaking Bad Remix)

So you know the game Cooking Mama, right? No? Well, whatever. You’re on a computer. Google it.¬† (Ok, ok. Things got a little testy there. I’m sorry. Here you go.)

Anyway, someone had the awesome idea to make a Breaking Bad remix version where you cook meth instead of wonderfully detailed dishes like Minced Pork Steak or Shrimp Gyoza. It may or may not give you too many hints on how to actually cook meth, but hey – it’s still a fun distraction that you can play here.

And as far as Breaking Bad goes, how about that new season? Wait, what? You still haven’t caught up on all the episodes? Uggh! Fine.

Photos of Spiderman

Alot of people give Spiderman credit for his hero work, but he’s highly underrated in the field of journalism. In this game, though, you finally get to further his career at the Daily Bugle, and live out the much more fulfilling side of his life (I say this without bias, of course – ahem). A Where’s Waldo type game, you’re tasked with finding¬† Spiderman whose hidden in a crowd of Spiderman aficionados and snapping a picture. It’s a fun game with a light sense of humor that does right by its source.

You can play it here.

8-Bit Olympics Montage

Hey, you know the Olympics, right? It’s this global competition where all these countries spend millions to compete in athletic events for Coca Cola products. Olympic time is good time because Olympic time means athletically themed video game time (kind of)! And hey, what better intermission for those Track & Field sessions than an 8-bit Olympic montage? It’s the kind of montage the real networks use, and it will be the perfect way to give you time to nurse those fingers all bloody from button mashing.

60 Second Burger Run

In 60 Second Burger Run, you play as a morbidly obese man who just realized his favorite Burger Shop closes forever in 60 seconds. In a war against time and physical capacities, you must dive through spikes, crumbling towers, and the likes to reach the burger shop in less than 60 seconds. You could, technically, beat the game in a minute if you were fast enough, but the amount of tricks, traps, and pranks you’ll experience will keep you from reaching your goal during your first…or first hundred playthroughs. It’s a highly addicting game that shoots you back to the beginning almost instantaneously after the game over screen, and it’s one you may end up playing much longer than you expected.

You can play the game for free here or download it here.