“We Are Happy Landfill” is my site to write about whatever I’m into (or not into) at the moment with an emphasis on music, video games, and pop culture.

I also post comics and drawings I’ve made on here sometimes that aren’t very good.

“We Are Happy Landfill” comes from a Gorillaz b-side of the same name. I have no idea what this song is actually about, but the title has always conjured up images of a joyous society smothered by consumables.

In this day and age, we have so many great TV shows to binge, movies to watch, artists to listen to, video games to play, and books + comics to read, but it’s hard to tell if we’re in the middle of a golden age or the beginning of a dark era.

Which is of course a lofty, pretentious idea to bring up on a half-assed blog about dumb things.

Welcome to the happy landfill.

Expending neurotic energy into focused ramblings.